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Precursor to H-TOMB: Don’t Worry This Will All ((Probably x 1) Not) Make Sense

Upon writing this, remnants of my anxiety during the protests are coming forth, the anxiety of being embodied as Black and male, recognizing that there is no place to run and hide from the constant signifying (more on this in the near future). I remember the contempt I felt seeing camouflaged vehicles and authorized children with guns patrolling my neighborhood. I recall how disgusted I was, and am, by the politics fueled by white supremacy and genital supremacy continually destroying our lives, and to a further extent, destroying our planet.

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Instant Family as a Source of Independence?

I wrote in the “Welcome to S|F Blog” post that I had been writing a lot in many genres after my sister died and her four and five-year old sons, my mother, and my blind, partially crippled, on dialysis, estranged father came to Minneapolis to live with me. I lived in one unit of a… Continue reading Instant Family as a Source of Independence?