21CF9E30-0CAF-47E6-86E5-62587C291248Dr. Lawrence D. Benson, PhD, MFA, is a Philosophical Practioner|Coach|Fitness Trainer specializing in Somaesthetics with emphasis on movement and creativity. He has 27 years of experience in Health and Wellness including as a Certified Instructor in many class formats, Group Exercise Program Coordinator, and Group Exercise Trainer and Presenter. Dr. Benson is also a Movement Expressionist|Dancer|Choreographer who cannot remember a time in his life when he was not dancing. He learned to dance at Zenon Dance Company and School in Minneapolis, where he studied modern, hip hop, tap, and African dance.

Likewise, he cannot remember a time when he was not singing: to the radio, in church, in every level of school choir and opera|musical theater, in voice lessons, and to his original songs. He got his vocal roots from his Grandmom Louise, studied Voice at DePauw University and at TCVA (Twin Cities Vocal Arts) in Minneapolis. He is the artist|producer known as ‘speyeskool’ and ‘TheFlyyProfessa’, and has music available on various streaming platforms including iTunes Music and Spotify.


Dr. Benson holds a BA in History from DePauw University and a MFA in Writing with concentrations in fiction and poetry from Hamline University. He is a mentor in the MPWW (Minnesota Prison Writers Workshop). His books are available on the internet. Dr. Benson also holds a PhD with a major in Humanities and Culture from Union Institute and University, an interdisciplinary doctorate that focuses on the human condition and explores creative ways to advance social justice, and acknowledges differences in individuals and social groups. The program draws on a variety of humanities fields—social and political philosophy, history, religious studies, literature, and aesthetics—that relate to social justice and cultural differences.” (from Union’s Website)

His minor concentration is Ethical and Creative Leadership.

Dr. Benson is an Adjunct Member of the APPA (American Philosophical Practioners Association).

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