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Lawrence D. Benson, PhD, MFA

soma – from Greek, sōma: body

flourish – grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

The body is our main tool for experiencing the world. Sōma|Flourish centers the body when proposing questions about life and thinking creatively about problems. My goal is toward creative self-fashioning, i.e. “making your life art,” and flourishing in life.


Welcome! I’m Dr. Lawrence D. Benson, PhD, MFA, aka TheFlyyProfessa. I’m a philosopher, artist, and educator specializing in Somaesthetics with emphasis on movement and creativity.  I write creatively, scholarly, and personally about my experiences in and observations of the world. I make music and movement in good faith. My goal is to engage people who are interested in encountering my—hopefully, on some level—different  perspective. Becoming my patron on Patreon means supporting original, well-crafted, provocative, and sensual work. You will have access at various tiers to my blog; patron-only posts; original fiction, poetry, essay, and personal narrative; workshops & classes; playlists & reading lists; Q&A; live-streams; one-to-one phone & video calls; digital downloads; and patron-only merchandise. Thank you for considering becoming a good faith member of our community, and for your pledge of support!

The saying goes, “In life there are no guarantees.” The same applies to the work we will do together. We will center the body to explore our questions about life using talk and movement, personal narrative, philosophy, literature, and art. Moreover, with commitment, it will hopefully become evident how, together, we are “Moving Your Body and Narrative Forward”.

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