Welcome to Sōma|Flourish!

Lawrence D. Benson, PhD, MFA

soma – from Greek, sōma: body

flourish – grow or develop in a healthy or vigorous way, especially as the result of a particularly favorable environment.

The body is our main tool for experiencing the world. Sōma|Flourish centers the body when proposing questions about life and thinking creatively about problems. My goal is toward creative self-fashioning, i.e. “making your life art,” and flourishing in life.


I, Dr. Lawrence D. Benson, PhD, MFA, am a Philosophical Practioner|Coach|Fitness Trainer specializing in Somaesthetics with emphasis on movement and creativity. I use my training and experience to encourage you to discover your own philosophical insights. I help facilitate the thinking of individuals and groups focusing on significant but problematic concepts by encouraging ways to clarify questions and creative approaches to problem-solving.

I focus on five (5) areas when helping clients address their questions: Centering Circles, Somatic Narrative (Body Story), Willpower, Bad Faith, and Discursive Arsenal (Creativity).

The Process

“So, how do I know if I need to speak with a philosophical practitioner?” “What are the steps?” “What kind of results can I expect?”

If you have a problem that you’ve been trying to solve and need a fresh perspective; if you find you’re in an existential rut; if there is a concept that you just can’t seem to wrap your head around; if you need to discuss your place in this strange, but exciting time in history; if there’s a decision you need to make and are having trouble weighing the pros and cons; if you’re having trouble establishing and|or re-writing your body story; if you need to talk about life; if you’re facing an ethical decision; if you’re searching for ways to creatively express yourself; if you need to understand something about your choices and|or inability to choose; if you need a philosophical perspective versus a clinical|medical perspective of a therapist, psychologist, or psychiatrist, then you may want to consult with me.

Go to Contact and Request a Discovery Session. Please provide basic information regarding you, your organization (if applicable), your situation, your question(s), and what you are looking to gain from our work together. I will contact you via email for you to purchase and set up an in-person, Discovery 3-Pack.

The saying goes, “In life there are no guarantees.” The same applies to the work we will do together at Sōma|Flourish. We will center the body to explore your questions about life using talk and movement, personal-narrative exercises, philosophy, literature, and art. Moreover, with commitment, it will hopefully become evident how, together, we are “Moving Your Body and Narrative Forward”.

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