Other Services

Dr. Benson and Sōma|Flourish also offer workshops, classes (for Koficore members and non-members), and creative consultations. Check back occasionally for more information.

Open Classes (limit 10 participants)

Grooves: If you like to have fun, dance, and burn a few calories, then Grooves is for you! This activity class uses basic/familiar movements and sequencing to keep participants groovin’ at a comfortable pace. There is a warm-up, a follow-along, choreography, and a stretch, all to hand-picked music from today’s and yesterday’s hottest artists. Come Groove with us Saturdays, 10:30–11:30am

Personal Narrative Writing Series: Do you have a story to tell, maybe even more than one? Are you looking for a safe place to explore the most effective way to get your story out to yourself and the world? This writing series is designed to help you connect to and focus on the ‘I’ in your writing. We will center the body because the ‘I’ and body are inseparable. Think I’m lying? Try to do it right now. Then register here.


Epistolary (Letters)

Rhyme & Reason: Poetry, Hip Hop, & Philosophy 

Fact or Fiction: Can I still make up stuff? (Fiction as a way to explore your story.)

Scholarly Personal Narrative (SPN): Because everything, including scholarship, is personal. 

My Body, My Story: Final Project

Somaesthetic Saturdays: Join us quarterly for a unique meditative|movement|artistic|philosophical experience including Meditative Stretching, Grooves, The Socratic Hour(ish), and Open Art. Dates TBA.


Workshops (limit 10 participants)*

The Embodied Writer: This workshop series explores the relationship between our bodies and how we use attentiveness to our bodies’ corporeal and somatic constitutions to inform and improve our writing. We will explore literature about the body as theory and subject; examine others’ and our own writing samples relative to body attentiveness; write and respond to body-centered prompts; and use movement and a variety of performative excercises to enhance our experience of willful movement of our bodies, of others’ bodies, and of the world around us at any given moment. 3hrs 

Movement for Writers: I know that writing requires a lot of time alone, sitting for hours in compromised posture, in a state of mind that’s akin to almost fleeing our bodies for the bodies and worlds we create. This concentrated sitting without attentiveness, specific training is not good for our spines, hearts, minds, and writing. As writers, we need to get up, stretch, and engage in willful movement. We need to learn how to “scan” our bodies so that we can better identify where|how energy might flow more effectively. Improved energy flow can help improve our creativity, productivity, and overall vitality, translating to the worlds and characters we create. The goal is to help writers be more active. 1.5hrs

*Workshop dates TBA.


Creative Consultation 

Could you use a creative jumpstart? Do you have a creative project that needs a fresh pair of eyes and|or ears? Do you have a desire for a personal, in-depth exploration of creativity? Go to the Contact page and check Request a Discovery Session. Please include relevant information about yourself, your project, and what you would like to address about your project|process during our meeting. I will contact you via e-mail to purchase and set up an in-person consultation.

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