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Welcome to Sōma|Flourish Blog!

Welcome to S|F Blog! This blog has been a long time coming, fifteen years or so. At that place in time, I had earned my MFA in Writing, double-concentrating in fiction and poetry. My sister had died and left her five- and four-year old sons in my mother’s care. Overburdened, I had my mother move north from Delaware to Minnesota with my nephews and my estranged father who was in failing health from the ravages of white supremacy, poverty, alcoholism, and diabetes. Needless to say, it was a chaotic and heart-wrenching time. I was writing a lot to cope, in every genre I could: poems, stories, performance art, essay, songs, and opinion/observations in the form of a blog. I knew I needed to not hold on to my pain. I knew I needed to express—emote—through it. Only a small amount of that work has made it out to the world. This seeming reticence is due, at least partly, to my being a ‘flow’ person and, in a manner of speaking, needing the right moment to arrive. Guess what?

I will be sharing some of this particular work, those stories, along with the writing that has emerged since then, after I went back to school yet again to push my mind as far as I could. The joy of the uncertainty of that push, of being unbounded, was the least I felt I deserved after what I had endured and ultimately learned during the year my sister died and my family arrived in Minneapolis.

This blog does have a structure that, in a way, I hope is so seamless that it’s rendered invisible. One can hope, right? Of course, the structure will evolve the form, and the form, perhaps, evolve the structure. So, buckle in! The public currently has free access to S|F Blog. However, Donations are accepted and appreciated in support of my producing S|F Blog content. Join my Patreon, TheFlyyProfessa, for exclusive content including essays, posts, music, discussion, classes, and livestreams! Visit Patreon/TheFlyyProfessa to see all tiers and benefits, and to sign up to become my patron.

Thanks for checking me out! I look forward to sharing in a good faith exchange of ideas, feelings, creations, and being. S|F Blog

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