Explanation of Benefits

3-20% S|F Store Discount — Tier-specific discounts in the sōma|flourish store ranging from 3% to 20%. Some exclusions apply.

5, 15, 30 or 60 Minute One-to-One Video/Call — 5, 15, 30 or 60 min. call can be phone or video, talk, activity, or hybrid. For example, you can use this time: to discuss a current event, to talk about a recipe, to learn choreography, for one-to-one training, for a writing lab, to share existential concerns, etc. Form & topic MUST be pre-arranged. 5 and 15 minute must be scheduled during my office hours: Tues & Thurs, 4-6pm. 24 hr. cancellation notice fee $25.

Blog Access — Access to S|F Blog on sōma|flourish.com. Some posts may require additional payment. $.50 per year service fee per each time you subscribe. You will pay $.50 to reactivate your S|F Blog subscription each time you resubscribe upon resuming your patronage.

Boost Power — This is a Patreon, tier-specific discount on additional classes. Your Boost Power number is how much you pay for additional 45-60 minute classes. Ex. Fantastic Flowers @ $25/month receive two 45-60 minute classes as one of their benefits. Their Boost Power 7 allows Fantastic Flowers to take additional 45-60 minute classes for $7/class. Boost Power not eligible for discount.

Community Class — A monthly class open to all patron levels and visitors/guests of TheFlyyProfessa. Varied and mixed formats including writing, presentation/discussion, movement/dance, guest speaker, literature reading, and workout.

Discord Access — Invitation only access to TheFlyyProfessa server on Discord. Additional discussion, presentations, and events held on TheFlyyProfessa Discord. You must become a patron on Patreon to be invited and to take classes.

Monthly Classes — One or two, 45-60 minute classes per month based upon patron level.

Patron-Only Merch — This merchandise is designed exclusively for patrons as a reward for their continued support. This merchandise will not be available in the sōma|flourish store.

Patron-Only Posts — These posts are only accessible to patrons and will be different from posts on sōma|flourish blog. Some posts may also be tier-specific.

Patron-Only Workout — A monthly workout for patrons at Solid Seeds ($5) and up. Varied and mixed formats.

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