One-To-One Sessions

1FAFBEA6-C249-4C32-8134-C12DB1D45A79Rapport, problem-solving, inquiry, goal-setting (planning), and creativity take time for progress. I consider this time commitment when structuring session pricing.**

I use a fee range between $30 to $70/session. Each session is 50 minutes. This allows for a 10-minute transition between clients. I use this scale in order to provide services to more people. I am asking you to make an honest assessment of what you are able to pay in this $30 to $70/ session range.

One-to-One Coaching

Discovery 3-Pack: $60 (Redeemable one per customer.)

Three sessions (Introduction, Discovery, Follow-Up) designed to establish rapport, possible goals, and whether we are a good match for coaching at this time. Purchasing and attending these sessions does not mean that we have entered into a coach/client relationship.

A coach|client relationship is officially entered into upon signing a Sōma|Flourish Coaching Contract and paying for first session (not including Discovery 3-Pack).

Go to the Contact page and Request a Discovery Session. Please provide basic information about yourself, your organization (if applicable), your situation, your question(s), and what you seek to gain from our work together. I will contact you via email to arrange payment and your first in-person, Discovery Session.


One-to-One Fitness Training

With my over 28 years of experience in fitness and wellness, I aim to help clients gain an understanding of what it takes to set and achieve realistic fitness goals.

$85|50-minute session (multiple-session packages available)


Corporate Session

Not-for-Profit: $150|session

For-Profit: $275|session

Check out Other Services including workshops, classes, and creative consultations.

**All prices subject to change.

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