One-To-One Sessions

Rapport, problem-solving, inquiry, goal-setting (planning), and creativity take time for progress. Sōma|Flourish considers this time commitment when structuring session packages.*

Individual Coaching and Training Session Packages (based upon 1hr. sessions):

One-Time Discovery Session: complimentary

2 – Session “Pit Stop”: $160 (Does Not include call|video check-in)

4 – Session Package: $340 ($85|session) includes one, up to 15-min. text|call|video check-in

6 – Session Package: $450 ($75|session) includes two, up to 15-min. each text|call|video check-in

8 – Session Package: $560 ($70|session) includes three, up to 15-min. each text|call|video check-ins

Stand-alone session: $100



Corporate Session (based upon 1hr):

Not-for-Profit: $150|session

For-Profit: $275|session

Go to the Contact page and Request a Discovery Session. Please provide basic information about yourself, your organization (if applicable), your situation, your question(s), and what you are looking to gain from our work together. I will contact you via email to set up an in-person, complimentary, up to one (1) hour, Discovery Session.

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*All prices subject to change.

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